Point relief for hallux valgus, hallux rigidus or instep.

CHF 38.90

Price per piece – Can be used left and right

If you have narrow feet, tend to choose a smaller version.

Good to know
With both models from HALLUXUS, the cushions adapt to the foot after just a few steps. This quickly creates a cozy and soft feeling.

Do you have doubts about the choice of size, S or M? M or L? If in doubt, choose the smaller model!

What makes HALLUXUS so special?
The combination of silky soft materials and the structure of HALLUXUS prevent pressure, pain and friction. Prerequisite: exact positioning of the upholstery hole over the sensitive area. If the foam comes to rest on the area to be protected, it can be very painful. That must not be. Immediately move easily! Handmade in Switzerland, our products allow you to effectively prevent inflammation.

Preliminary remark: We recommend wide, soft shoes for forefoot problems!
So that the cuff does not slip when you put on your shoes, it should fit snugly. If in doubt, choose the smaller model. The fabric can be stretched up to one and a half times! And: The toes must remain free! In addition to the size, the foot shape plays an important role in the selection.
Wide socks are an advantage because the cuffs don’t slip when you put them on.
The H2 model does not correct the malposition of the big toe, but can slow down or even stop the further malposition process by preventing friction and inflammation.

Recommendation for steep, long descents in the mountains
The load on the forefoot and hallux is different when ascending and descending. On steep slopes, it is therefore advisable to move the cuff slightly backwards if pain occurs. The same applies to application over the instep.

Women / Men

Made from unbleached cotton

S (34-37), M (38-42), L (43-46)

Cold wash at 20°
Cotton shrinks 10-15% when washed, but stretches again when used again.

The Relief
for everyday life!

Move freely again and relieve pain? HALLUXUS was designed based on the experience of over 70 mountain tours. Symptoms such as hallux valgus and hallux rigidus are relieved so that, for example, long mountaineering becomes tangible again. Now try our H6 (hiking specific) or H2 (for everyday) models to relieve painful areas.

What makes
so special?
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